What Was Pearl Harbor?

taught by Jillian Camacho

Course description

For each chapter of What Was Pear Harbor?, this online class contains an end of chapter quiz, as well as interactive notebook printables.* There are also note-booking pages as well for your convenience!

*Be sure to access and print off your printable PDF files at the start of your course.

If you don't already own the book, you can order it here: What Was Pearl Harbor? (af link).

Jillian Camacho
Jillian Camacho

As a home educator to a son with High Functioning Autism, I have always been on the search for resources that keep him engaged as he learns. He has always been and avid reader, but traditional schoolwork ends up with both of us in tears half the time. ;) He likes to have fun, and so do I! That's why we created this course -- To have fun while reinforcing what you've learned in your reading!

You can reach me via email at jill@autismhomeschoolmama.com